Here's how to make networking support your goals

We may not deny the benefits of networking but it can be tricky if we only love the idea of networking instead of actually turning networking activities into results.

Here are 3 steps to turn networking into results:

1. Choose the right networking events 

You may think 'right' means people who have same interests or goals. However, it can be a network of people who have total different interests. 

  • Networks of people having same interests as you create a safe comfortable environment for you to express yourself and share ideas because they have tolerance and maybe same frequency as you. That's great.
  • Networks of people having different interests challenge you to accept different ways of thinking and perspectives. People may not have same level of interests in your interests compared to people in the above networks. Hence, it gives you the chance to get out of your comfort zones. However, making sure that these networks are networks of people who have growth service mindset and certain levels of success in life. These people could uplift you to the next level of frequency of success. 

For example, if you are a student who wants to improve your speaking skills. You may go to speaking club of students. It is great. However, you can challenge yourself to go to business meeting that you may learn from different successful business owners who may go a further step in life compared to you.

2. Setting intention before any networking events 

  • What can you give to the networks (e.g., your black book of contacts, your passion)
  • What are 3 outcomes you want to learn from the events 

3. Taking action 

Going to networking events is a great bold move if you are not a networking person yet. However, it is usefulness without any further action. 

  • Record these people whom you meet in a database (e.g., excel file with name, email, phone, etc)
  • Contact at least 3 people to go for a coffee or Skype call 
  • Follow up, share ideas, add values and maintain relationships with people are matter to your goals 
  • Find at least 1 person you think you can support and offer to support them to achieve their goals 

And yes, don't forget to bring the JOY to the networking events.

Nonstop love, live, give