Authentic power

authentic power comes from personal freedom.jpg

This week I shared a story about my second oldest sister in a speaking event. After the event finished, some people came and asked me whether the story was true or not as it was interesting to them. I feel thankful to have my sister who has been my 'unlimited resources' of stories for my speeches. People love my sister's stories. She is brilliant. 

She does not read a lot of books. She does not travel a lot. However, she is the most authentic 'book' that I have read. She is my icon for the authentic power. Although having an accident that broke her one leg, she took it as the second chance to live fully with her authentic self. She always smiles. She always sees things with opportunities. She has a courage to do what she loves. She makes people around her happy. She gives unconditionally. She inspires my first book 'Nonstop loving, living, and giving'. 

Anyway today I am not sharing about my sister's stories but about the authentic power.  You may know about different benefits of having authentic power such as having deeper love for yourself and others or enhancing real courage. Society somehow conditions us that dilutes our authentic power.
However, we can unleash or free it through daily action:

  • Expand your emotional awareness: Keep checking your emotions 

  • Create conscious intentions: Always set intention for each day, each meeting and each event in life

  • Make empowered choices: Be fully responsible for your choice. Make a choice based on what your soul truly wants

  • Access the wisdom of your Intuition: Have you ever known that something was going to happen before it happened? This is your intuition bursting through your rational thinking. Learn to recognize and trust intuition by daily connecting with your purpose, your goal and take immediate action 

  • Cultivate spiritual partnerships: Practice meditation, yoga or mindfulness. Go to the nature more often and keep your journal