Today is the day for you to make a choice to reconnect with your purpose, passion, and infinitive resource of energy. 

I made this video when I just finished this book. It was one of the best moments because it was a relief for me by sharing to letting the past go and move on with gratitude.

After 2 years publishing the first book, I made it travel to another continent. 


I wrote this book once I felt struggled because of fighting between following my passion and my purpose. My family is a reason for me to live in life. Seeing my family and people around me work hard, life is a struggle for them; I desire to help people to make a difference in life. Once I define my passion is to become a personal development trainer, writer, and social entrepreneur, I quit the engineering job. I had to overcome my feeling of against my family expectation as an engineer, live a stable life. After months, I found I just made an excuse. I could not use my reason for living become a reason for stopping doing what I am doing. I wrote this book to express my thankful to my reason for living. The book is to reconnect with my purpose, my infinitive resource of energy. The book is to reconnect with your purpose, your passion, your infinitive resource of energy. 



This book is purely written from the memory of my childhood. In the continuous complex world, we often forget to feel appreciated little things. Little things matter. 
Appreciate little things, better yourself every day and often reconnect with your purpose, your infinitive sources of energy and passion. That make you live meaningfully, love completely, and give joyfully to achieve more. Every moment of life. 



Bycle and ice-cream

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Discover other books of nonstop loving, living and giving