Critical thinkers - 20th May Cspeaking gym

Before getting to the detailed ways, we can set a common understanding that we need to acknowledge that we have 2 different systems running underneath our brain – fast and slow system (referring to the book ‘Fast and slow thinking’). The fast thinking system makes us react without much thinking while the other system makes us think logically then act.

Sometimes we need to pause and think before acting to avoid emotional decisions and actions leading to unwanted results.

(1) Pause

To start a process of critical thinking, we want to pause to evaluate what we hear, see or read. Instead of reacting, pause then ask ourselves

- What’s the problem?

- What are the possible solutions?

- What are the advantages of disadvantages of each solution?

We don’t over-analyze but we don’t want to act without thinking!

(2) Research

Do your research to get information from different perspectives and consult your mentors or successful people would also help. But ultimately to take action not to overwhelme yourself.

(3) Ask instead of assumption

Assumption is normally based on information of the past and that may not be relevant to your current situation so you want to ask questions and do research instead of assuming you are right.

(4) Keep it simple

Although having time to think and analyze, it doesn’t mean you want to stay there for long. Re-connecting to why did you start analyze at the first place, the why, the outcome of doing it and allow yourself to make a decision to take action.