Communication from your heart

Yesterday, at CS, we got a great question from one of our dedicated gymers Smiley Giang "How to speak meaningfully?" and we got a great answer from one of our members "As long as you speak from your heart!"

I love this answer! Yesterday, 13th May, we discovered the topic "Communication from your heart" and I believe that it is a fundamental factor of making your speech meaningful to the audience. And maybe you do not always believe in your message especially when you first start your speaking journey! You may hear a lot of voices that your message is not worthy or who would listen to it. And because of thinking about it, during your speech instead of being fully with the audience, you spend some energy on doubting yourself leading to less effective performance.

So let's practice the 3 simple steps together to speak meaningfully when you first start speaking

(1) If it is the only chance you speak in front of that audience to share one thing that has been a valuable lesson throughout your life or makes you happy, what is this message?

(2) Do not need to please everyone, which means you please nobody! There will be people who feel connected with your message but does not mean all people - and this is great because we are different. But guess what, when you connect with at least a certain group of people, others may resonate from the aspect of acknowledging that your message is valuable for someone.

(3) Knowing that the audience time is valuable and they are there for you so spending your full energy on the audience not the doubts or nervousness. And yes, it requires practice -being aware of the doubts and reminding yourself to change the focus, the muscle of confident speaking will get stronger!