SOLAR model for active listening

WHAT is solar?

SOLAR (introduced by author and professional management consultant, Gerard Egan) is a well-known model that aims to a way to physically demonstrate your interest and engagement when talking with others.

WHY it is important?
SOLAR helps us to have an effective manner of nonverbal communication or gestures and facial expressions that according to psychologist Albert Mehrabian, comprises 93% or more of our interpersonal communications.

WHICH CONTEXT to use solar?
The context to use this model can be when you go to a networking event and you want to start a communication with someone. 

Depending on the situations or the people, there will be different ways to help you to start a conversation with others! But yes, giving this model a try to create the most comfortable posture when you communicate, you may see a good result!


S (Sqare): Face squarely; by doing this it shows you are involved.
O (Open): Keep an open posture: this means not crossing arms and legs. It make people feel engaged and welcome.
L (Lean): By leaning forward when a person is talking to you, it shows you’re involved and listening to what they have to say.
E (Eye Contact): Use good eye contact. Your gaze shows that you’re listening and not distracted.
R (Relax): It’s important to stay calm and avoid fidgeting when a person is talking to show you are focused.
(Source: Amanda, 2014)