An act of kindness can make a person day

"He" (my red cap) back in the rain...

It was a peaceful evening after I finished a long training, I took a grab bike to go back to my house and it started raining on our way. We managed to arrive at my house before it started raining heavily. I said thanks to the grab driver and returned to him his helmet and that when I found that I lost my cap. 
The drive jumped out of the bike and helped me to look around but we couldn’t find it. The rain got heavier so I suggested him to not worry and that I had another cap at home. The fact was that I really wanted to look for the cap; it was an extremely inexpensive cap but was extremely meaningful to me because it had been with me for almost 1 year in my every morning running session. After the driver left, I tried to look around again and looked in my bags but I couldn’t find it. I tried to recall the last time I saw it – it was when I put it on my head before putting the helmet. This led to the possible reason that I lost it on the way. I told myself, yes, I would get another cap and I could create a new meaningful journey with the new cap. And yes, I told myself to be more careful in the future (that is what my sister always reminds me every day).
With that self-talk, I walked inside the house and left the story behind and got excited to go back to my house after a long trip!
While I was about climbing on the staircase, I heard somebody drove motorbike stopping in front of my house. I tried to look into the darkness to see he was that and saw someone that was quite familiar.
It was the grab driver!
He came back in the rain and gave me my cap – which he found on the way! 
And he left with a smile!
This smile and his act of kindness made me want to share it with you! Hope you have a beautiful smile before sleeping my friends and maybe be someone to bring the smile to others like the grab driver!