To not be rush: Plan in advance

“How to not be hurry?”, I asked the owner of a photocopy shop!

“to plan yourself in advance”, he answered with a smile!

This afternoon, I went to print some documents for my meeting. I was welcomed by a big grin of the owner – a man at the age of 50. I sent the docs to his email and I found that the email didn’t send. He said “maybe you wrote the email incorrectly” and it was true.

I smiled and told him “I saw the number 99 in your email but I typed 98 without even knowing”.

He smiled gently “it is not a big deal. We don’t need always to be right and we do not need to blame ourselves. And no need to be hurry, just slow down and we can do things well”.

I am a big fan when it comes to some profound saying related to human behaviours and perspectives so I felt fascinated by his saying. I smiled and make a joke but somehow it was what I wanted to say from my heart “thank you. I love it. Please say it with more people so more people can love themselves more instead of blaming themselves and yes to not be hurry”.

He smiled gently and continued finishing up printing documents for me and put them in order carefully.

Before I left the shop, I asked him “So, what can we do to not be hurry?”

He smiled “to plan in advance. Each morning, plan what you do for the whole day, before going anywhere, take 15 to 30 minutes to plan in advance what you will do there, always plan ahead. If you need to print the documents for a meeting, print them at least 1 hour before that. If you need to go to work, leave early so the traffic does not rush you. Plan in advance”.

Wow, his gentle and nature way of sharing on the concept of planning made me feel excited as this is what I often share in my training videos or seminars. I asked him a question that people often asked me when it comes to planning “so does it take our freedom?”.

“We plan by ourselves so nobody takes our freedom. If we go to the office early, we complete work well, the boss does not need to manage us, we have freedom. If we go to a meeting early, our clients do not need to blame us or be cautious with us then control us in the next meeting. We have freedom because we decide”.

I left the shop and told him one more time while my heart was singing because of his simple but meaningful sharing “thank you, take care and please share your wisdom with more people”.

I am writing this post with a great feeling running through my heart because of the kindness and wisdom of the man!

Plan in advance so we do not need to be rushed by time or anyone and then we can take some moments to observe and see kindness and wisdom around us my friends!