How to avoid being overwhelmed

To avoid overwhelming

1. Stop saying YES to everyone, everyone, using the rule 80/20 (focusing on things that matter to your life)

2. Take control of your morning to take control of your day 

Using the rule 5W to identify the specific information of each project everyday and put them in your calendar- where, when, what, why, with whom you will work with

3. Block time between different important tasks

For example, take a break (e.g., nap, go for a walk) between writing an email and meeting someone 

4. Reflection after each day and after each week

For example: spend 30 minutes everyday to evaluate your day and plan your day before going to sleep 

Spend 30 minutes every weekend to plan the next week

And don't forget to include what do you feel thankful for.

Nonstop love live give