How to sustain self-discipline

Rule 1: Associate discipline with positive emotions because it helps you to better your life (e.g., if you want to lose weight, you want to discipline eating green, associate it with your image of being fit and the feeling of feeling energetic)

Associate discipline with fun by giving yourself a reward once a week for your discipline achievement (e.g., if you have eaten fast food and want to go green, you can discipline to eat green 6 days and allow yourself to eat a small amount of fast food once a week if you like).

Rule 2: Set up reminders (e.g., your phone alarms, stickers, mail) to remind yourself about sustaining the habits or having accountable partners (e.g., running partners).

Create the environment for your habits by removing temptations (e.g., remove all unhealthy food and replace with healthy food).

Rule 3: Schedule and have break between different projects during the day to refocus to re-energize and refresh your brain.

Rule 4: Allow yourself to move on by thinking there is a bad moment; there will be a great moment so you just change your focus to the empowering side of the situation. Reward yourself to make your brain understand what is good, what is bad; call your friends go out for a chat, go for a walk, buy some books you like.

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