ENERGY: 29days challenge to breakthrough

How to create and sustain ENERGY?

Firstly, the mindset toward energy should be: ENERGY is created by ourselves. We have infinitive energy that we just need to tap into it and make it flow.

Secondly, apply this model: WATER model 

1. Water: drink more water 

Remember our body is more than 70% water

Remember the planet has more than 70% 

So go back to the nature.

Tip: put lemon in the water in the early morning

2. Action

Ask what can you learn everyday? What can you give people everyday? (even just a smile or kindness action) What do you feel thankful everyday (GRATITUDE)?

3. Triggers 

Set up the alarm to remind yourself to stay present! 

Or set up schedule to call your friends or accountable partner to stay motivated 

4. Exercise and go green 

Mind exercise and body exercise and eat more green 

5. Reason: reconnect with your purpose everyday 

The fundamental of purpose is to grow and give joyfully to make a difference in life.

Have an energetic day!