How to stay motivated - self-motivation

The key thing is MOTIVATION does not exist until the moment we create it.

Motivation is self-created.

Anyone can motivate you for some moments, to sustain the motivation, you need to create it every single day until it becomes a 'habit'.

How to create your self-motivation/intrinsic motivation - not extrinsic motivation (intrinsic motivation: personally desire; extrinsic motivation: external reward).

1. Be ambitious/hungry: Knowing your desire, ambition, big goals, or purpose 

Every single day, you need to re-connect with it, visualize it emotionally connect with it.

2. Empowering beliefs: Believing in your ability of figure thing out

3. Progress: get 3 things done everyday to move toward your ambition/desire

4. Attitude: Fully responsibility of your life and gratitude toward life

5. Focus

My study with 334 students shows that intrinsic motivation is directly connected to attitude while extrinsic motivation does not.

Be self-motivated everyday.