CUT = Choose Useful Things


How to FOCUS on things that matter and advance our life: FILTERING, ORGANISING, AND CUTTING USELESS STUFF.

How to say YES/NO to different opportunities to make sure we keep on the track of advancing our life.

1. List 5 major projects that you have been focusing on 

2. Evaluate these projects based on 5 criteria below: 

- Being:  Will it make fee you are yourself?

- Passion: Is it what you are passionate about, would enjoy doing for long-term even without money, status, recognition or power?

- Contribution: Will it help you connect better with the world? Will it help you connect better with others? Will it help you contribute to your family, society or the world better?

- Raise your standards: Will it challenge you? Will it make you out of your comfort zone? Will it raise your standard?

- Payoff: Is this goal or activity something that will lead to a useful outcome for you?

3. Cut off what having low scores or think about advancing them if you prefer to cut off other activity instead.