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be the leaders season 2 - Speak to change

We do believe deep down inside of every individual is a great potential to be a leader to make a positive change in life. And we do believe to be a leader, one needs to be a leader of their own life first. In 'Be The leaders', we celebrate you as a leader of your life and we as leaders of our own life. We aim to help you to tap into your leadership potential by developing 7 essential capabilities - Confidence, Critical thinking, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Commitment and Compassion. 


The mission of 'Be The Leaders' is to empower YOUR leadership potential.

'Be The Leaders' creates a supportive challenging insightful environment to support you tap into your leadership potential by devolving in 7 essential capabilities/identities - 7Cs:

Confidence, Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking Competence, Collaboration, Commitment, Compassion

'Be the leaders' has a competition format but with the mindset growth is more important than result, and experience is more precious than ranking!


In the competition, you will experience different team-work activities to enhance these 7Cs. These activities are based on a leadership development program developed by our founder Jen Vuhuong - and the leadership development program is based on:

  • a qualitative study of interviewing more than 100 business owners in 3 different continents
  • 10-year researching and learning about successful people and organisation 
  • best selling books in leadership and personal development areas such as High performance habits, The principles, Think and grow rich, Start with Why, The Alchemist, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, How to win friends and influence people, The Power of Now, The Magic of Thinking big, The leadership development journey, Awaken the Giant within

This program is also a result of almost 10-year experience of practicing and teaching about personal and leadership development that has helped Jen achieve different goals - 2 top world full scholarships of European union Erasmus and British government Chevening, top performer of 2 Masters in Business Innovation in Spain and International Management in the UK, 3 books and 2 international academic journal papers published, top amazon best seller in sibling category of the book 'Nonstop loving living and giving', winner of International Public speaking contest in Vietnam, Malaysia and the US Embassy, founder and trainer for the International empower you seminar and Empowerleaders academy and EIY public speaking academy.




Anyone! Yes, anyone! We did it before and it worked. We believe to create a positive change in society, everyone needs to reach their potential and collaborate together. Hence, we intentionally involve different actors in society in our event and experiences tell us that no matter where are you from, what you do, how old you are, you can work together toward a common mission of making the world a better place.

In 'Be the Leaders', we celebrate the collaboration throughout different generations and yes, we believe it is a challenge but at the same time it is an exciting opportunity - we all collaborate together to fill the gaps that each of us has so we can develop in a broaden way - with our full potential.

And yes 'if we go alone, we go fast, if we go together, we go further'.

Hence, you can attend 'Be the leaders' either as a participant, a judge, a sponsor, or an audience. 

Be the leaders season 1,  learn more here

Be the leaders season 1, learn more here


26th August to 16th Sept – First round (online videos)

23rd Sept – Second round (offline training and coaching)

30th Sept – Third round (offline competition)

Register to 'be the leaders'  season 2


(Submitting videos recorded your speeches s from 26th Aug to 16th Sept)

  • Step 1: Fill up the form below 
  • Step 2: Once you fill up the form, you will receive an email of confirmation within 24 hours
  • Step 3: You are expected to submit a 3-5 minute video (or link of the video) during the period of 26th August to 23.59pm 16th Sept to our email  (your speech can be linked to the theme of Be The Leaders Season 2 is Speak to Change and we love to hear from your way of seeing the theme, be creative as the way you are!)
  • Step 4: During the time waiting for the results, feel free join our community happening every Tuesday 6.30pm at 20 Nui Truc Lancaster building Ba Dinh Hanoi Vietnam (for more information please kindly visit


(Date: 16th Sept)

  • Step 5: Chosen candidates are expected to attend the offline show 'Be the leaders' on 23rd Sept. Chosen candidates will be grouped together and are expected to experience different group activities related to creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. Each team will have a coach to support them during the event. Our team will send email to guide chosen candidates to prepare for the event.
  • Step 6: Chosen candidate are expected to make a 1-3 minute video about their own experience of 'Be the leaders' event on 16th Sept and submit to by 29th Sept.


(Date: 23rd Sept)

  • Step 7:  Chosen candidate from the Step 6 will be attending the final round on 30th Sept 
  • In the last round, each contestant will give their own prepared speech from 5-7 minutes (based on the topic 'Speak to Change'), answer importune speech round and situational speech round.


  • Experience a development process from the first round to third round to enhance your communication creativity critical thinking and collaboration abilities 
  • Chances to meetup with experienced mentors Vu Trung Kien - Expert in Climate Change Resilience Centre; Hang Dinh Cofounder at She First ; Tom Goh - founder of SM Consultancy; Vuong Pham - President of Hanoi Speakers; Hoa Thieu Vice President of Education of Hanoi Speakers and CSpeaking Gym,  Jen's leadership team Giang LG Hai Doan Thanh Lucy Le Trang Tran Ha Nguyen, and author/trainer Jen Vuhuong - Founder of EmpowerLeaders academy/Cspeaking gym/Be the leaders/Start with Green
  • Communication prize (worth 2 Million VND)- A mini competent public speaking course; or 3 tickets to weekly meeting of Hanoi Speakers club 
  • Communication and Collaboration prize (worth 1 Million VND)- CSpeaking gym 1-month membership;
  • Collaboration and Critical thinking prize (worth 3 Million VND) - 1-month mentoring section to achieve your personal goal;
  • 4Cs prize - 5 million Vnd 5-day training on leadership development; 6Million VND discount vouchers for a Singapore summer Camp in 2019; and many more awards from our partners Hanoi Speakers Toastmasters, IZI community, Istart, Camp2S, Apax, Hanoi Entrepreneur Community



  • First round and second round: 30% coming from audience (online voting through like and sharing the video) + 70% coming from judges (public speaking experts, trainers, speakers)
  • Third round: 30% coming from audience (the audience) + 70% coming from judges (public speaking experts, trainers, speakers)
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  • To be a more confident person 
  • To be a better public speaker 
  • To be a better team player 
  • To be a better leader
  • To be a better you 


  • To be a better listener 
  • Networking 
  • Inspiring
  • Gifts of public speaking events/courses 


  • To be a better listener 
  • To be a better coach/trainer
  • Networking 
  • Inspiring 
  • Certification of appreciation 
  • Gifts of public speaking events/courses
  • To be a greater contributor to the mission of empowering leaders


  • To be a greater contributor to the mission of empowering leaders
  • Networking 
  • Inspiring 
  • Certification of appreciation 
  • Opportunities to introduce your work to our network 
  • Gifts of public speaking events/courses


Ask us any questions or support phone 01639 181 157; email

During the meantime, feel free join our community happening every Tuesday 6.30pm at 20 Nui Truc Lancaster building Ba Dinh Hanoi Vietnam (


Our founder - Jen Vuhuong - has also studied personal and leadership development over the last decade and experienced the development journey by herself that has helped her obtain different achievements: awarding 3 top world scholarships, awarding the best performer in International organisations like Samsung and Dell partner; obtaining the best performance prize in 2 Masters degrees, and publishing 5 books in personal and leadership development area. Jen also is the winner of International Public speaking contest in the US Embassy, Vietnam and Malaysia and is an international speaker/trainer who has spoken in different workshops and conferences in more than 10 countries and conducted her own workshops at Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Spain, The UK. Jen is also a former education development manager for Vietnam Education Consultant, an advisor of Institute of Strategic Leadership and a trainer of EYI public speaking academy.

And we also have young talented team members who have achieved some significant achievements: winner of humurous contest (Hoa), leader of summer camp (Rosie), studying in the US (Ha), studying in the UK (Lucy), promising entrepreneurs (Hai, Lucy, Trang, Inny, Giang), 

We are also thankful to be supported by our partners Hanoi Speakers Toastmasters, IZI community, Istart, Camp2S, Apax, Hanoi Entrepreneur Community
Cannot wait to see you join us to reach your speaking and leadership potential!

Jen's team,


let's revisit our 'be the leaders' season 1

Once you decide to fully take responsibility for your life - be the leader of your life - you open the door of accessing to your full potential, you truly live.
— The founder -Jen Vuhuong


"It is impossible. Be realistic. Remember you are just a girl from the countryside. Stay home, get married and have a bus load of kids.”

That’s what people always told me when they heard about my dream of studying abroad to open my mind and learn how to help people.

But I was the most stubborn kid in my village. And I stubbornly believed ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ had a second better spelling: "I'M POSSIBLE.’ I was determined to live my life my way. I was a Vietnamese country kid who applied to University, won a scholarship to work Samsung in Vietnam and then Dell in Malaysia, won scholarships to study in Spain and the UK, and never quit my dream.

Living and working with people from all walks of life, I have seen inspiring stories of people who have succeeded in life despite their backgrounds and circumstances. I realized they all shared a common characteristic: their empowering mindset and determined action to develop themselves and contribute to society. They all believed 'IMPOSSIBLE' was 'I'M POSSIBLE'.

I am upset to see young people - especially in developing countries like Vietnam - limiting themselves by the social norm of life being just working a job and getting married to produce children. I am upset to see those potential leaders trapped in the same routines of every-day life. I am upset to see their passion for a better life limited by the numbers on their paycheck.

This project therefore, is devoted to empower young people to unleash their potential and passion to be more and contribute more - to lead their lives and lead the world to be a better place.

We are an organization based in Vietnam that functions as a community providing people-training on personal development and leadership development. We want to expand to other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand or India and build (and maintain!) connections with western countries like the UK, the United States, Spain or Germany. 

We already have the experience, passion, and the network of people. We created this crowd-funding campaign to find the financial we need to translate our mission into real action to impact everyone's life. We believe in what we do and we want our friends to believe that they, through their contribution, will make a difference for young people all around the world. And with their help, it will not just be a belief. We will all make a change.