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Our CLeadership Development program

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Join 'Be The Leaders' - 2nd season on 29th July

Join 'Be The Leaders' - 2nd season on 29th July

'be the leaders' COMPETITION


'BE THE LEADERS' competition is a part of leadership development programs of EmpowerLeaders community to empower future leaders by enhancing essential leadership capabilities and identities especially Creativity, Communication, Collaboration 



Organizing community: EmpowerLeaders community
Hosting team: Jen’s leadership team - Hoa, Trang, Giang, Tho, Nhung, Ceri, Camilo, Thanh, Rosie


'Be The Leaders'


Empower YOUR leadership potential:
1. Create a supportive challenging environment for potential leaders to tap into their leadership potential by devolving in 3 essential capabilities/identities:



2. Growth is more important than result, and experience is more precious than ranking

1. The competition is categorized into different groups, each group includes: one middle or High school pupil, one University student, one working person and one entrepreneur or manager or leader of an organisation (yes, it sounds mixed, we believe collaboration is not only between people having similar ages, professions and nationalities; true collaboration comes from diverse)

2. A competition has different stages with different activities reinforcing leadership identities:

First round: Let's know you (everyone gets into their team and get to know each other then introduces themselves to the audience)

Second round: Creativity activity where all the teams need to exercise their Creativity to complete the activity provided by the organising team

Third round: Communication activity where all the teams need to demonstrate their ability of speaking on their feet in a particular topic provided by judges/organising team

Fourth round: Collaboration activity where all the teams need to exercise the best the ability of each member in their team

Fifth round: Special challenge (yes, you will know on the day) 


To ensure the fairness and transparency in the selection process, we have different judges coming from different areas, countries and holding different positions 


  • Each contestant receives a set of personal development tools and books
  • Scholarships to attend leadership development courses of EmpowerLeaders academy and many more awards from sponsors will be given to the contestants
  • All contestants will have chances to be part of  the future leaders community
  • All participants will receive participant certifications of EmpowerLeaders academy


  • Step 1: Fill up the form below 
  • Step 2: Once you fill up the form, you will receive an email of confirmation within 24 hours
  • Step 3: You are expected to attend the interview/training happens at 4pm on 22nd July 2018 at Lancaster building, 3rd floor, 20 Nui Truc, Ba Dinh, Ha noi
  • Step 4: During the time waiting for the event on 29th July, join our community through weekly events here
  • Step 5: Bring your big grin to join us on 29th July, 1.30pm at Lancaster building, 3rd floor, 20 Nui Truc, Ba Dinh, Ha noi
  • Ask us any questions or support Jen 01639 181 157; email

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    leadership development program

    Greenish Themed Environmental Campaign Poster.jpg
    Greenish Themed Environmental Campaign Poster (2).jpg

    Our story:

    "It is impossible. Be realistic. Remember you are just a girl from the countryside. Stay home, get married and have a bus load of kids.”

    That’s what people always told me when they heard about my dream of studying abroad to open my mind and learn how to help people.

    But I was the most stubborn kid in my village. And I stubbornly believed ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ had a second better spelling: "I'M POSSIBLE.’ I was determined to live my life my way. I was a Vietnamese country kid who applied to University, won a scholarship to work Samsung in Vietnam and then Dell in Malaysia, won scholarships to study in Spain and the UK, and never quit my dream.

    Living and working with people from all walks of life, I have seen inspiring stories of people who have succeeded in life despite their backgrounds and circumstances. I realized they all shared a common characteristic: their empowering mindset and determined action to develop themselves and contribute to society. They all believed 'IMPOSSIBLE' was 'I'M POSSIBLE'.

    I am upset to see young people - especially in developing countries like Vietnam - limiting themselves by the social norm of life being just working a job and getting married to produce children. I am upset to see those potential leaders trapped in the same routines of every-day life. I am upset to see their passion for a better life limited by the numbers on their paycheck.

    This project therefore, is devoted to empower young people to unleash their potential and passion to be more and contribute more - to lead their lives and lead the world to be a better place.

    We are an organization based in Vietnam that functions as a community providing people-training on personal development and leadership development. We want to expand to other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand or India and build (and maintain!) connections with western countries like the UK, the United States, Spain or Germany. 

    We already have the experience, passion, and the network of people. We created this crowd-funding campaign to find the financial we need to translate our mission into real action to impact everyone's life. We believe in what we do and we want our friends to believe that they, through their contribution, will make a difference for young people all around the world. And with their help, it will not just be a belief. We will all make a change.

    Passion to serve is the source of infinite energy, enthusiasm and confidence
    — Jen Vuhuong