Challenge you to reflect upon what do you want to achieve, who do you want to become and what feelings you want to accumulate everyday

day 2 (coming soon) 7s model clarity

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The 30-day changing your Habits to Re-invent you (COMING SOON)

Week 1": Determine Your Best Version

Day 1: Draw you

Day 2: Assert you

Day 3: Prepare your development program

Day 4: Schedule your development

Day 5: Empowering positive faith

Day 6: Let the past pass with gratitude

Day 7 - Select positive meaning for unexpected events

WEEK 2: Optimize the Environment For Your Best Version

Day 8: Increase Health Standards

Day 9: "Water" your refrigerator

Day 10: "Fruitizing" your refrigerator

Day 11: "Cleaning" technology equipment

Day 12: "Cleaning" your library

Day 13: "Cleaning" your friends list

Day 14: "Cleaning" your calendar

WEEK 3: Optimizing the Sustainable Performance Of Your Best Version

Day 15: Create "suggestions" for happiness

Day 16: Mastering "golden hour"

Day 17: Eliminate stress, create intent

Day 18: High Focus with Pomodoro Technique

Day 19: End the project with Parkinson's Law

Day 20: Find the antidote first

Day 21: Increase the number of important "outputs"

WEEK 4: Connecting With The Outside World

Day 22: Do one thing you fear

Day 23: Join a Mastermind group

Day 24: Talk to a stranger

Day 25: Find a teacher

Day 26: Make a beautiful action

Day 27: All in one

Day 28: Enjoy the power of the present

Day 29: Share your journey

Day 30: Start a new 30-day journey