A story extracted from the e-book 'Seek Clarity to live your Best':

Why important to seek CLARITY? If you don’t know what you want before you know how to get it

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No more hiding, no more insecurities, no more excuses.

Just live with Pasion

·There are different quotes that you can resonate with to refer to the importance of clarity. For example, we cannot manage what we cannot measure or know what you want before how. 

Just imagine you go to a supermarket, you don’t have clarity about what you want, you may end up buying different things or hours to wander around without getting anything. If you know exactly what you want, you save your time, energy and even emotion. Another example like you are doing businesses, if you don’t have your sale target, you don’t know how many customers you need to reach out or versa.

When to seek clarity?

As often as you can. Successful people often seek for clarity, or you call INTENTION, in anything they do. Most importantly, they don’t need to wait until ONE DAY, they regularly seek clarity, set intention for any projects, meetings, conversations and they stick with their intention.


Deal with distraction during the day

Deal with rejection or defeat

Before a meeting

Before going to sleep

How to seek clarity?

4S (the 4S based on the best selling book ‘High Performance Habits’ of Brendon)

· Self: How do you want to describe your ideal self?

·Social: How do you want to behave socially?

·Skills: What skills do you want to develop and demonstrate?

Service:  What service do you want to provide?

To seek clarity during a day

Morning: What are 3 outcomes that I want to achieve today? (not activities but outcomes)

Distractions/defeat/rejection: What can I learn from it? What lessons matter to my life goal?

Before a meeting: What is the outcome of the meeting? How do I want to present in the meeting? What is my contribution to the meeting?

Before going to sleep: What are 3 outcomes for tomorrow? What have I learned from today that can be used to better my life?

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