The book is accumulated from my experience of achieving 5 scholarships and my interviews with over 27 scholars. You may want to model these strategies to utilise your own opportunities and resources to achieve a scholarship based on your best true self.

This book is built upon three central messages supported by practical steps for those who are looking to achieve a full scholarship, most importantly stepping up to pursue their life’s goals:

·         Mind: (80 percent of success) Position yourmind to be like the minds of successful people and act bigger and get ‘bigger’ scholarships to better yourself to contribute more to society. The book guides and calls you to have a GROWTH and SERVICE mindset.

·         Strategies: (20 percent of success) Implementing strategies of people who have already achieved what you desire will give you a greater chance of success. The book calls you and guides you to be selective, strategic and to be your BEST TRUE SELF, which is your unique competitive advantage.

·         Daily strategic action: Daily action helps you to gain momentum to never to give up on your goal. The book guides and calls you to strategically take ACTION every day to move towards your goal.