Thank you so much, Jen VuHuong. My girl is really inspired with full energy to get out of her shell. I am also inspired by her empowered voice this late afternoon after being with you.
It helps her tremendously to define who she wants to be❤️ the plan she made after being with you really touched my heart.
Love you so much.
— Student's mother - Nguyen Dam

The “shell”

Have you noticed?

Lots of children are locked in a silent, painful “shell” of self-protection, unable to express themselves. Anxiety and depression rate are 22.8% and 41.1%, respectively (Nguyen et al., 2012). Children are unable to be true to their potential.

To proactively address this situation, we’re introducing:

“Start With Green!”

Start With Green is a one-day hands-on team-based program to end shyness of children and equip them with essential 7Cs of entrepreneurial leadership in the industrial 4.0 or the 21st century: Confidence, Communication, Competent Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Commitment, Compassion.

“Start With Green” to help youth when they are most vulnerable or “green”. What’s more, we also firmly believe in the planet stewardship mindfulness notion of “green” which is the responsible care of our planet, our environment.


Start With Green equips “green” humans with everything they need, at this most tender moment in life, to maximize their chances of success, in the context of, and using teaching activities that promote environmental responsibility for the society and world we live in.

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Parents of highly-potential youth who’re also greatly lacking in confidence can purchase one or more of our specialized programs to immediately equip their children with essential life-skills.

(Limited scholarships are available via needs-based assessment).

In addition we partner with ecological and environmentally responsible major brands that care to invest in youth and environmental responsibility.

Brands will create one or more series of “Start with Green” edition products. Proceeds from sales of these specific products, are pooled to sponsor scholarships).  

“Start With Green edition” products must be zero-footprint, carbon-neutral, cruelty-free, anti-trafficking certified by recognized authorities, etc...
By purchasing Start With Green edition branded products, you can accomplish two goals, investing in the future generation of environmentally-mindful leaders, and known their purchase has either a carbon-neutral or otherwise environmentally positive benefit.


Every last Sunday every month!

one-day foundation workshop agenda for children's ACTIVITIES

1. Ice break activities 

2. A team-based activity  to identify SW (strengths, weaknesses) of team members

3. Identify the goals of each member when attending the program

4. Introduction about the whole Spark!lab based 7Cs leadership development program

5. Brainstorm on the current issues related to the environment and recycle (all inventions and activities during the program will aim to solve these issues)

6. Team-up and invent a new product to solve a chosen environmental problem

·         Think It

·         Explore It

·         Sketch It

·         Create It

·         Try It

7. Presentation and feedback

8. Improve the product and pitch

·         Tweak It

·         Sell It

9. Reflection and closing program

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(e.g., student, manager)
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  • To be a more confident person

  • To be a confident speaker

  • To be a confident team player

  • To be a confident you

  • Increase environmental awareness

  • Embrace entrepreneurship potential


  • To be a greater contributor to the mission of empowering the youth

  • Increase brand credibility regarding social contribution

  • Boost the revenues

  • Certification of appreciation

  • Opportunities to introduce your work to our network


Ask us any questions or support phone 0339 181 157; email askjenteam@gmaill.com or hello@jenvuhuong.com

The team includes personal development trainer/business developer Jen Vuhuong, with almost 10-year experience in personal and leadership development empowering  more than 10,000 people over 10 countries, accountant Nhung, marketer Lucy, and a dedicated passionate experience event organizing team including Hoa, Giang, Tran Trang and talented young volunteers – Ha, Hieu Minh, Nguyet, Bach.

Read about our team here…

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How our founder, Jen Vuhuong changed from a silent kid to become an excellent engineer, top-world scholarship achiever, best performer of 2 Masters degree and then a top-amazon-selling book author and international trainer to empower others’ potential!

Read more here…


I don’t know how did she do it, but during the conversation she helped me to realize what do I really want, and it feels like it was all already in me, I just didn’t know how to find it. I really couldn’t be happier, now everything makes more sense and I get up every morning very motivated with a lot of energy to reach new goals.
— Office manager - Agata Kaniecka
I have attended several workshops of international trainers, but it is the first time that I have felt myself in each second during your workshop without any distraction. Thanks for your sharing that empowers us to be courageous to be ourselves.
— _ Leo Vu, Istart
If your mind’s in a whirl, or you have any problems, situations or feelings which you don’t understand or can’t cope with, I urge you to go to see Jen for wise guidance on how to move forward
— Marketing director - Jeremy Fraser