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Spark!Lab cleadership development program


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Empowering students aged 12 to 15 in leadership, innovation, environment and recycle awareness and STEM based on the Spark!lab model.

About the program

Spark!Lab, the flagship educational initiative of the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, is a hands-on invention workspace where visitors can learn about and engage in the history and process of invention.

 Spark!Lab has three main educational messages:

· Invention is a process.

· Everyone is inventive.

· Invention and innovation have been—and continue to be—an important part of the American Experience.

This year, to contribute to focus of the US Embassy on “environment” topic, we add another educational messages:

  • Invention can save the environment to create a sustainable life and,

  • Everyone is a leader in using invention to protect environment

what do you learn?

Spark!Lab offers different types of activities to illustrate the invention process. Activities are designed to appeal to varied learning styles, ages, and abilities; allow participants to practice 21st century skills especially  collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving; and incorporate a variety of disciplines including history, science, engineering, and art. Spark!lab innovation process includes 7 stages: Think it, Explore it, Sketch it, Create it, Try it. Tweak it, Sell it.

Based on Spark!lab, Spark!lab CLeadership program will offer different hands-on team-work based activities where participants research and create new products based on used materials to solve particular current environmental issues in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. By doing it, participants develop essential 7Cs leadership capabilities needed in 21st century - Confidence, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical thinking problem solving, Commitment, Compassion; and incorporate a variety of disciplines including history, science, engineering, and art.



Anyone aged 12-15 who loves to develop you as a better leader/innovator to environment lover.

It is a FREE program sponsored by the US Embassy for 30 selected students.



  • First round: Online application (deadline 20th Oct)

  • Second round: Interview (22 to 27th Oct) at American center

  • Attending the program (Nov-Dec 2018) at American center

Registration process


  • Fill up the form below

  • Once you fill up the form, you will receive an email of confirmation within 24hours

  • You will received the results 5 days before the program starts

  • During the meantime, you can visit the Embassy Facebook page to attend other events


  • Chosen candidates will be interviewed from 22th to 27th Oct at the American Center, 170 Ngoc Khanh, Hanoi


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Facilitator Jen Vuhuong (author/founder/trainer of Be the Leaders, Cspeaking gym, Hanoi entrepreneur community): Best Prize awards of 2 Masters degrees (Msc Innovation Management in the UK; Msc Business Innovation and Technology Management in Spain) with top world scholarships Erasmus and Chevening; engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunication in ‘Bach Khoa’ university in Vietnam; winner of International Speaking contest in Malaysia and Vietnam; top-selling book writer in Amazon; winner of Public speaking contest in the US Embassy in 2018; founder of ‘Start with Green’ which is inspired by Vietnam challenge for our environment program of the US Embassy. Jen also has almost 10-year experience in personal and leadership development empowering  more than 10,000 people over 10 countries. (Read more)

Jen team includes dedicated passionate members Hoa, Giang, Tran Trang and talented young volunteers – Ha, Hieu Minh, Nguyet, Bach.

Once you decide to fully take responsibility for your life - be the leader of your life - you open the door of accessing to your full potential, you truly live.
— The founder -Jen Vuhuong

what people said about our PROGRAM?

Thank you so much, Jen VuHuong. My girl is really inspired with full energy to get out of her shell. I am also inspired by her empowered voice this late afternoon after being with you.
It helps her tremendously to define who she wants to be❤️ the plan she made after being with you really touched my heart.
Love you so much.
— Mother of Nguyet
I have attended several workshops of international trainers, but it is the first time that I have felt myself in each second during your workshop without any distraction. Thanks for your sharing that empowers us to be courageous to be ourselves.
— Leo Vu, Istart