I have been travelled to almost 20 countries over the last decade. I found that there are so many ways of travel. Some of us have more time, so we may choose backpacking way, some of us may be more strict about time, so we may choose travelling agents. No matter where are you now at the spectrum, you all look for MEANINGFUL experience. I find that travel agents have been doing great job but they seem to make their business commercial, they may not know each of us has a story that may influence on what we look for when we travel. I deeply believe, knowing your story and where do you come from should be the first step to design a meaningful trip for you. To do that, I believe travel agents should be not agents but friends, long lost friends and now meeting each other, sharing stories, going to some ancient places, not so hustle bustle and have meals with their family.

Anywhere I go, I talked about my country, I invited everyone come to my country, I sold my country. I however feel that the toursim industry makes foreign friends only see the appearance of the country but not the soul of it. After many time of helping friends to come to my country, I decided to create more ‘soul friends’ to welcome foreign friends.

These soul friends will give you the first welcoming when you come to the airport, guiding you to get the local sim card, exchange money, transportation and ultimately go to a modern apartment or a hotel nearby Westlake. We then will go to some local areas and have some local food at home. We also go to my home, a countryside where you can have unlimited food with my mum and my dad, the people truly live with the heart and work with the heart since the war.

As my passion is in education and I have good connections with the government so I would also give you chances to visit schools or government.

You will not only travel but live in it, Vietnam.