'How can I make a positive change in my life/career?' Have you ever asked yourself this question?
This seems to be a common question for most of us. 
We all have the desire to better our life and somehow deep down we know we also have the potential to do it! However, having a desire is only the starting point of a journey and we need to have a set of habits that matter to the new life/career we want to have. Hence, the question we need to answer is 'What habits matter to my next level in my life/career?'
 I didn't ask myself this question until I changed my career path from being an engineer to a writer/trainer. I found that lots of habits helped me accelerating my engineering career did not matter to my writing/training career anymore. Thankfully, by modeling myself after my mentors and influencers in the industry, I have found tools and practices to accelerate habits that matter to my new career. To step up to the next level, sometimes we need to break not only bad but also good habits to create new opportunities that matter to our next level in life. 
Since habits are things that we repeatedly do, breaking habits is not gonna happen overnight. Understanding about habits, having the right mindset, tools and an environment that will help you accelerate and sustain the process. I am going to share with you these insights to support you in this journey:

How are habits formed?
How to break bad habits?
What habits matter to your next level in life? 
How to form empowering habits?
How to sustain empowering habits?

These insights are available both online and offline.

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Basic training video about habits

some basic information about habits:

Habits are formed by 3 elements:

•         The cue: triggers

•         The habits themselves

•         Reward

For example the habit of brushing your teeth. Waking up is a trigger, brushing teeth is the habit itself and the reward would be you feeling your teeth clean and fresh. Or the habit of crossing the street: the trigger is the green light, crossing the street is the habit itself and the reward would be you getting closer to your destination or at least breaking the law.

Knowing that you can break a bad habit by breaking the cue. For example, you have a habit of eating late in the evening. The trigger can be when you go home alone you feel bored and you go and buy snacks and eat. Now you can replace the triggers. For example, asking where the feeling comes from and why does it happen? Then acknowledge that eating is just temporary unhealthy solution and instead of that you can go for a walk. Even if you go to buy something, choose the apples instead of the unhealthy snacks. Later on, you don’t even need apples but just do something like going for a run.

 How to form a new habit that you have never done before. You can just start small first. Just tell yourself what is the one thing you can do to feel better at that and stay consistent. Even when you don’t have a lot of time, just keep doing it, just for five minutes. The secret is that anything is better than nothing.

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