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Weekly meeting - Hanoi Entrepreneur Community - everyone welcome

About us:
We provide a supportive and positive learning environment in which members are empowered to develop and enhance their personal, networking, entrepreneurship and leadership capability resulting in greater self-confidence, personal growth and impact they can make in life.

A typical meeting includes:
- Warm up: getting to know each other
- Group activity to learn about one area of business, entrepreneurship with insightful sharing
- Pitching session where members can pitch their business ideas to ask for specific advice
- Feedback/sharing/thoughts from the audience
- Networking
A regular meeting will give you different interesting values:

• Exchanging entrepreneurship ideas

• Discussions to get other people's perspective

• Insights of entrepreneurship/leadership development from our activities or our guest speakers

• Empowerment

• Great time with our group activities

• Networking

HEC Culture to make the best out of our event:
Being truthful
Eagerness for learning
Giving full energy
Willingness to share
Respecting differences and diverse
Being friendly
Supporting others
Listening to understand others’ ideas and goals
Giving constructive feedback
Speaking English language