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Empower You Seminar - Plan an EXTRAORDINARY 2018

2018 is coming. It is time to step back and wrap up the year 2017 and more importantly to see what we can do better and plan for an EXTRAORDINARY 2018. 


There might be something you haven’t quite achieved yet, it was on your list, but it just didn’t get done. Maybe the goal wasn’t defined well enough, maybe you didn’t make the right decision, or you were not entirely committed and focussed during the journey.

Or you might have actually achieved your goal, yet you are not entirely fullfilled.  Maybe you are always chasing the next one, and don’t really feel centred.


Wouldn’t it be great if you knew: 

1. How to set compelling goals that  you can achieve ?

2. How to make the right decisions?

3. How to make habits stick?

4. How to stay focused, present and fulfilled ?


Just think about how much better 2018 would be if you had the answers to these questions.


Our 3 speakers with different expertise and stories will give you perspectives, techniques and motivation for you to achieve your extraordinary 2018's plan.


Come and join us to start your 2018 with a plan that will keep you empowered throughout the year to achieve what  you want in your life.

Later Event: April 29
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