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a conversation before you join the course

Week 1  

Week one is to pain the empowering picture of you in the next 30 days and letting go the past.

·         Day 1: Meet your mastermind group

·         Day 2: Draw you in the big picture of the next 30 days

·         Day 3: Draw your weekly, daily and moment you

·         Day 4: Draw your learning curriculum  

·         Day 5: Let you free from the past

·         Day 6: Start a journal

·         Day 7:  Free.

Week 2

Week two is about the outward. It’s about optimizing your environment to maximize your focus and productivity:

·         Day 8: Wake up thirty minutes earlier

·         Day 9: Design a morning routine

·         Day 10: Adopt a nightly ritual

·         Day 11: Minimize or get rid of T.V. 

·          Day 12: Do a smartphone/app cleaning

·         Day 13: Cleanse your social

·         Day 14: Free.


Week 3

Week three is about the inner game of optimizing your performance to increase your creativity, performance, focus, and reduce stress

·         Day 15: Meditate for five minutes

·         Day 16: Try a brain game

·         Day 17: Adopt a mindfulness practice

·         Day 18: Start exercising

·         Day 19: Start using the Pomodoro method

·         Day 20: Create the habit of doing problem tasks first

·         Day 21: Free.

Week 4

Week four is about growing your knowledge, skills, and other assets. If you took my advice earlier and listed important assets you need to acquire to accomplish your goals for the year, that’s a great place to look for ideas on the kinds of things you need to learn, develop, and acquire:

·         Day 22: Start reading

·         Day 23: Start listening to podcasts

·         Day 24: Search for a mastermind or group of like individuals

·         Day 25: Do one thing you’re afraid of

·         Day 27: Reach out to one person that can move your career forward

·         Day 28: Perform an act of kindness

·         Day 29: Free