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Coming books based on ongoing research of leadership/Exploring leadership development journey of international CEOs 


23 Feb

1. Everyone should develop leadership from the early ages

2. Build trust and respects 

3. Set a good example 

4. Serve people and they go with your mission

5. Build a happy team to make them go extra miles 



24 Feb

Authentic leaders 

- Doing 

- Leading by doing 

- Inspiring people to lead their lives

- Give unconditionally 

Have you awaken the authentic inside your leadership self?

1 March - Do not forget where did you come from

It was unexpected interview with one of a senior leader of an international IT consultant company in the UK.

People attend the meeting is supposed to interact with 2 other people to exchange business information. Jam accidentally thought I needed to talk with Din so he introduced me to Din.

Later on, Din started sharing about how did he build his career from being a delivery guy (as my memory). 

Using his sincere voice, he told me: Never forget where did you come from. Knowing that you have been through that situation and treat people with respect. 

Not only in leadership journey, I arguarbly believe that we all need to treat everyone with respect and support because no matter how far we have gone on our journey, we have been in that situation.


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10 March

Collaboration to solve shared problems 

It is not about becoming a leader but being brilliant at something and then you lead.

It is about skills set