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My takes from his sharing: 

1. Desire
Hard childhood inspires the desire of making a difference in the world.
The desire to unleash the leadership potential within you.
We cannot change how were we born but we can decide how to live and what meaning
to give into life. 
2. Problem to Solution
Identify the challenge/problem and the change you can make in your own country. Find opportunity
to support for your desire.
For ex: change for better; applying technology to make life for better.
Find Chevening to bring the change from the UK to apply into your country. 
3. Desire to action
Demonstrate by examples. Start from different network. 
For ex: Find schools/institutions to show the importance of technology, how benefits
of technology can bring to life
4. Model leaders
Get inspired by people who have made changes in life. Based on your abilities to take bold action by learning from their journey.
5. Go for your passion to achieve your purpose
How to define your passion: Keep taking action to grow to better yourself. 
You may want to start with your interest. Keep looking with action, not waiting. 
6. Leadership
Unleash your leadership potential. Eveyone has it within you. You have your
own ways and perception about leadership. Do it in your best way. 
For ex: leadership is to make a positive change. 
7. Having a right mindset
Growth mindset: keep developing yourself
Service mindset: contribute to society
8. Networking: how to build your network
Be yourself, share ideas, respect people's ideas and be humble
9. Don'tt underestimate little things
Appreciate and proud what you have done. Keep it up and learn from it. 
There is no little thing or big thing but things are matter.

Bonus: my favorite
1. Mindset to the interview: Fully prepared as the only one time experience.
Bring your 110%: bring the change yourself before bring the change to the world. 
2. How to be self-motivated: give up now or regret in the future




Today is the day for you to make a choice to STEP UP in life  PURPOSE PASSION GIVING. 


WHAT can you get from the book?
This book has 3 central arguments for those who are looking for full scholarships, most importantly making a difference in life: 
•    Mind: (80% of success) Position your successful mind to act bigger and get bigger results
Ask your self what MEANING you want to give to the scholarship not what meaning the scholarship give you. 
The book calls you to have a GROWTH SERVICE mindset. 
•    Strategies: (20% of success come) Implementing strategies of people who have achieved what you desire will increase the possibilities of your success.
The book calls you to be open and TAKE ACTION based on proven strategies. 
•    Momentum: Keep you motivated to take action and create the results you want. 
The book calls you to create momentum by having a PURPOSE + VISION for your life. The PURPOSE + VISION is bigger than any struggles, doubts, and fear. 

Why this book?
•    For potential leaders:
o    You- potential leaders have inspired me and other scholars to share our experiences. Nobody is smarter than all of us. 
•    The author’s mission is to inspire future leaders by sharing her experience: 
o    7 years of applying for different scholarships and achieving 5 different scholarships (including Erasmus and Chevening to study Masters in Spain and the UK) of the author.
o    Being fortune to interview different scholars from more than 20 countries. 
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•    Big ideas from best selling books and successful people
How to make the best out of the book?
•    STAY until the last page
•    TRUST  in the journey  most importantly yourself
•    Trust it is the right time for you to work on getting scholarships to make a difference in life
•    Never GIVE UP 

“80 percent of success is due to psychology—mindset, beliefs, and emotions—and only 20 percent is due to strategy.” _ Tony Robbins



This book is purely written from the memory of my childhood. In the continuous complex world, we often forget to feel appreciated little things. Little things matter. 
Appreciate little things, better yourself every day and often reconnect with your purpose, your infinitive sources of energy and passion. That make you live meaningfully, love completely, and give joyfully to achieve more. Every moment of life. 



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