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Jeremy Fraser Marketing and PR Consultant, author and entrepreneur.

Jeremy Fraser

Marketing and PR Consultant, author and entrepreneur.

If your mind’s in a whirl,  or you have any problems, situations or feelings which you don't understand or can't cope with, I urge you to go to see this ladyfor wise guidance on how to move forward .

Jen really listens and gently guides you to clear your mind from all the turmoil.  After spilling out all your thoughts and then hearing her amazingly insightful comments, a light switches on in your brain and suddenly you know precisely what you must do to get back on track and move on in life.

Highly intelligent and incredibly wise for such a young person, Jen seems to understand exactly what you are saying and how you are feeling before you even try to elaborate. You come away feeling remarkably clear-headed and relieved that you’ve at last found someone who not only understands your situation but can actually help!

Jen’s special talents encourage you to dig deep into your subconscious, your inner-self, who welcomes the attention you have finally given to the real YOU, and as your reward, makes clear the longed-for realisation of what must now be done.

Her fees offer amazing value for money considering the invaluable help you will have in sorting out your life. Consider the payment as an investment in yourself. What better cause can there be?  It’s not selfish; before you can help anyone else, it’s you who has to feel confident and happy again – and Jen can get you right back there, sooner than you think!


Agata Kan

Agata Kan

I met Jen a couple weeks ago. We spent quite a lot of time talking and as a result of our conversation I finally figured out what is my purpose and with her help I set my goals. I don’t know how did she do it, but during the conversation she helped me to realize what do I really want, and it feels like it was all already in me, I just didn’t know how to find it. I really couldn’t be happier, now everything makes more sense and I get up every morning very motivated with a lot of energy to reach new goals. Another thing we spoke about was how to create new habits and make them work. That was always difficult for me, because every time I had new plan to improve my habits I was quitting after 3-4 days. But now, with Jen’s help it’s been more than a month and I am still ok with everything I have decided, sometimes it is not easy, but at the end of the day it does really work! Jen is a very nice, energetic, smart and helpful person. She is so optimistic and passionate that you really want to listen to her. I am very lucky I met her and I am very grateful for her help.